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Bryan Hammond

Winnipeg , Manitoba

I'm 72 and have been an activist for about half of my adult life, in multi-year on/off cycles since 1970. I've had a few Mystical Experiences, 1st was mid Jan 1967. They influenced my world view and approach to life & activism. I felt very in tune with & uplifted by what seemed to be a wave of higher consciousness effecting much of Western society in the late 60's. I was very impressed by what I could understand of Buckminster Fuller's views on General Systems Theory and co-relations with primal forces and geometric shapes. The title of his book, Utopia or Oblivion - The Prospects for Humanity rang true for me when I first saw it in about 1970... and has ever since. I think humanity has just about run out of time to consciously choose to collectively Unite and work toward the first option. I've thought for most of the last 50 years that WE who want a World based on Compassion and Intelligence MUST Communicate, Co-operate, & Co-ordinate from the local to global levels - across the Whole Spectrum of Activism - IF WE are to have any realistic chance of winning the active support and participation of a critical mass of humanity. I've seen the Wealth, Investor, & Power Elites (WIPEs) pretty much undo most progress made prior to the early 70's... and tempt, force, and otherwise manipulate so much of humanity into serving, or at least submitting to, their WIPE agendas. Finally though, as WE get within a few years of what 1000's of scientists tell us is a couple of years from the point of no return... I think there are very promising signs that enough of humanity may be on the very brink of WAKING UP!. Since the mid 80's doing what I can to advocate and facilitate activist Networking, on a grand local-global level, has been my main concern. Two very promising on-line courses facilitating an acceleration of this process are: Fritjof Capra's "The Systems View of Life - A Unifying Vision", and Synergia Institute's "Towards Co-operative CommonWealth." I took the former in Spring 2018, and am currently in the latter course.

Perhaps the most important idea I hope will be heeded by Activists I reach out to is this: IMAGINE a local-to-global peer-peer (mainly City-City) computer-facilitated mutl-media communications Network of Networks... fully controlled and run by Activist organizations (co-ops, NGO's/CSOs, local grassroots groups, social enterprises, etc) and individuals - running on GNU/Linux open source software - completely! (from BIOS, OS, to ALL programs running on it). The IT activist who have co-operated globally to create that software have given us a gift WE would be fools to not utilize fully ASAP. I'm sure many of those IT pros will help "tweak" a complete software package to hasten and simplify a massive co-created Network of Networks. To be using WIPE-owned proprietary software seems very unwise to me... it was designed BY and FOR those well-rewarded for serving the WIPEs. WE must heed people like Edward Snowden, and Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation (!
OK... I know I do carry on about that... but I'm right! I'm not an "expert" in anything, but think I may be a bit more visionary than most people. I've been doing what I can to practice what I'm preaching, particularly in the 80's and 90's. I've had a few failed attempts to get this ball rolling in the last 20 years... hope this time I can make the right connections to be a part of seeing World Peace One become a reality. That was the title of a multi-faceted proposal I wrote in the mid 80's. I was realistic, and a lot was doable even back then... but yet remains to be realized. "Sort of" sorry about this soap-boxing, but as you know... we're running out of time.

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